Wednesday, February 06, 2008

With no end in sight

Sam is still in tremendous amounts of pain. He stayed home from work today. My work aholic husband stayed home from work today. He layed in bed for a lot of time using a heating pad, propping himself up with numerous pillows. His MRI is currently scheduled for February 20th, but we keep calling every day hoping for a cancellation, no such luck this far.

Nathalie has been coughing/ running a fever for about 3 days now. This horrible coughing led to almost no sleep for her or Mama last night. On top of the cough, she woke up in agonozing pain 3 or so times in the middle of the night, shrieking that her ear hurt. I made the decision to take her in today, and apparently it was a good thing I did, I guess her right ear, the one that was hurting, was really badly infected. Poor baby girl.

The boy child is as wild and crazy as ever.

Here's to hoping theres an end in sight!

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