Sunday, August 27, 2006


well, today is sunday and I have had the past 3 days off, only to return to work tomorrow :( middle step daughter Briana (14) was in for a visit for the past two weeks (and left wed.) and my older step daughter Jocelyn (17) flies in tomorrow.....I really don't want my daughter to ever become a teenager, thats it end of story, they scare me!!! I told my mom today that when Nathalie is 12 she's going to move in with her until she's 19 my mom said and I quote "I don't think so, I already had 2 teenage girls thank you very much"....So to you all I pose this questions, anyone want an extra daughter in about 10 yrs....that scares me as well, I have been out of High school the same number of years that it is until my daughter is a "tween" ok enough of that gotta go nurse william!!!1

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

update :)

William 3 months old and Nathalie and The afore mentioned vaseline incident!

well its been a week since my last post....William caught Nathalie's cold, and was taken to the dr's on friday for a freakishly strange rash... He is 3.5 months now and weighs in at 16.4 pounds woo hoo my big boy.....not to much is new here just wanted to post some pictures :) to you all soon

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I feel like a stranger to my own blog. I have worked the past 5 days straight, and am working tonight and tomorrow night. 7 days straight. I am GRATEFUl that I have a job, that I can provide extra income to our family, and insurance to our kids, but I dearly miss my kids the days I'm at work...I despise the mess I come home to every night, but Iknow that it just means daddy had fun with the kids that day which is the most important thing anyways! 2 more nights of work, and then I'm off for 4 days wooo hooo... ON top of it all Nathalie has been sick.and.constipated. both issues which have resolved themself thank goodness. William is sneezing and coughing every now and then but nothing near as bad as his sister was....well baby wants to nurse so i must answer to his call.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my need for breakfast...and cereal

I love breakfast....I am the kind of person that needs to consume calories immeaditely upon waking up or else I become a total b**ch from low blood sugar. Lately, since returning to work, I mostly just eat cereal because its easy and convienent. Well 2 weeks ago in the Sunday paper Kellogs had there own coupon section which included several cereal coupons, which I of course cut out ( I love coupons). One of the types of cereal that the coupons were for was Special K. Growing up I always thought of speical k as "adult" cereal, and figured it wasn't that good, and then I bought it. I am in love. For those of you that haven't tried it, try it its utterly delicious. I bought the yogurt berry and Vanilla Almond....the Vanilla Almond is by far my favorite cereal ever....Wow okay I can't believe I just wrote a blog about cereal.

Friday, August 04, 2006

3 months old

Dear Son;
Today you are 3 months old, and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by. I returned to work this week, and although leaving you is a very hard thing to do, I find comfort in the fact that I am only leaving you with Daddy. You are getting so big, already wearing 6 to 9 month size clothing and although I don't know your exact weight, I know its somewhere around 15 to 16 pounds (when I get on the scale, and then get on again with you, the difference is 16 pounds).....your still waking every 2 to 4 hours to nurse and I envy the sleep I got when Nathalie was an infant, but in the same moment I cherish those mid-night feedings we share. You smile all the time, and your laughter makes me giggle...Your beggining to ineract with Nathalie, smiling and laughing when she talks or sings to you and it is an amazing bond, I am so happy that I could provide both of you with a sibling.
My dear baby boy you have stolen my heart and I couldn't be happier that you are part of our lives and our family forever....Until next month, your mom

Nathalie's New shoes

Hi everyone, I've been soo busy this week, I worked m-th, so finding time to do anything has been limited, with that to my defense I wanted to tell the story of Nathalie's new shoes, and because I'm lazy, I simply cut and pasted an IM conversation I had with my friend Lauren, sorry its not more personal....(I am edeanne552, and she is Laurinic) im pretty sure you all would have figured that out lol...

So Nathalie needed new tennis shoes b/c her old ones suddenly didnt fit so I was like Forget this I am not going to spend another 30 bucks on a pair of stride rite that she'll outgrow again in a couple I went to target
edeanne552 (8:20:16 AM): ...
edeanne552 (8:20:28 AM): they had an awesome selection and great prices
edeanne552 (8:20:48 AM): I had the cutest pair that were grey and pink sporty picked out and then IT HAPPENED
LauriNic (8:21:03 AM): it
LauriNic (8:21:07 AM): kid freak out?
edeanne552 (8:21:56 AM): Nathalie spotted the Elmo.velcro.Lite up shoes...the three things I said I never would buy in a kids shoe...1...a character....2 ...velcro...and 3 lights.....she looked at me and said "OH MAMA ELMO PEEEAASSE" now tell me who could say no to that?
LauriNic (8:22:24 AM): HA!!!!!!!!!!!!
LauriNic (8:22:27 AM): you are a changed woman
LauriNic (8:22:39 AM): oh that is so funny 1,2,3 knock um down
edeanne552 (8:22:46 AM): needless to say my 2 yr old is now the proud owner of velcro light up elmo shoes and I actually think htey are cute
LauriNic (8:22:50 AM): well i at least hope you got both pair
LauriNic (8:22:58 AM): as long as she loves them