Monday, February 18, 2008

More on William

to come tomorrow....He has an appointment at Kaiser at 9:45 tomorrow morning to be evaluated through them, as I couldn't see waiting until April if he truly needs speech therapy and thats how long it would take if I went through Ca first 5. On an amazing note, he said bear and baby today, more than once, which adds two new words to his vocabulary!

Todays Green Hour was just a simple walk to Henry's, with William and Nathalie, as Nathalie didn't have school today due to Presidents day. William walked the entire way there and back, which is probably about a mile and a half round trip.

Tomorrow Nathalie has school, and William and I will be going to playgroup after his appointment, so that will be his Green Hour tomorrow. I also think we'll walk to pick Nathalie up from school, as once we move at the end of the week we wont be within walking distance anymore and I may as well get in all the walking we can!

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