Saturday, February 16, 2008

William's appt

went wellish.....Cognitively and developmentally he his on trakc and advanced for his age. Which is good news in that he definitely understands a lot of things, and is capable of quite a bit. Unfortunately, his speech is delayed and currently at the level of about a 12-15 month old. Rather than continuing through Early Intervention;however, we will be trying to pursue this through Kaiser, due to the fact that E.I can't get him an appt for language diagnostic until april 15th and frankly I'd rather get the ball moving.

Today, though I should of been packing, I took advantage of Museum Month and took the kids to Birch Aquarium and then to the park. They had a great day with mommy, although mommy should have been packing, and studying, the day was much to beautiful for that!

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