Sunday, July 30, 2006


okay, so I went back yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Of course I missed my kids terribly...I called to check in 3 times (not to excessive for being gone 9 hours right) William drank 4 expressed bottles WOW and nursed the second I walked in the door....I'm nervous about having enough milk pumped for him, I need to pump everyday at least once, plus the milk i pump while at work....although I'm hoping when I work my 2 short days (4 hours) that I can nurse right before I leave and as soon as I get home. This boy can eat, I find that today I am cherishing him nursing more than ever, the pump is not my friend, dont get me wrong I express plenty of milk when doing so but it is not the same as having my last darling baby suckling right?! I love the bond he and I share during this time, I missed it soo much yesterday, as i will miss it again tomorrow... I pumped 3 times at work ( 2 breaks and once on my lunch) when I went to pump the 3rd time (really only the 2nd time that my boss knew of, he didnt know i pumped on my lunch) my boss acutally had the NERvE to say to me "how often do you need to pump?" I took a deep breath and explainedthat I will be pumping 3 times per shift in an 9 hour day and one time (or maybe not at all?) in a 4 hour shift...Seriously as a man that has 2 small children you'd think maybe he'd be a little more understanding....he also asked me "how long do you think you'll breastfeed for?" "until my child is ready to wean" "oh" was his response and I just left it at that. I will not allow him or anyone in my workplace to influence my decision to breastfeed as I know it is the best thing in this world for my child and the bond it builds between us can not be captured in words....As I end this blog I leave you with a saddening statistic that I read earlier in this week.did you know that "Only 10 percent of mothers who work full-time are still breastfeeding their baby at 6 months, according to a 2005 CDC report."

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tomorrow :(

So, I have to go back to work....My due back date is monday the 31st....they have me scheduled monday through thursday.yes 4 days in a boss just called asking if I could come in TOMORROW as in tomorrow from 9 to 6, wait, leave William for the first time for 8 hours (ok im crying now)...Sam is off tomorrow after all so what reason did I have to say no....I said let me think about it and i'll call you very loving husband could find no reason why I shouldn't go in, so I am. and i am very sad. tommorrow i will re-enter the "real world" and I dont wanna!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


this weeks theme at mama says om is tumble....I instantly thought of my little Nathalie and her broken wrist that occured in May; exactly one week after turning 2 and 2 weeks after her new brother was born.

Monday, July 24, 2006

our "vacation"

Well the kids and I made it back all in one piece woo hoo....the trip up took 7 hours and home took 6, so really it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. We had an awesome time, Nathalie had her first trip to the beach and LOVES the ocean. I am going back to work in one week and I am SO SAD, I really wish I could stay home with the kids. But at least I'm only leaving them with sam so it shouldnt be as hard right?!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a little kid at christmas and I hate the electric company

I'm tired. Exhausted actually to put it more precisely. I woke up at 4:30 this morning after going to bed at midnight. WHY is she up so early you all may be asking yourselves and then little answers may pop into your mind like "oh maybe she was nursing William, or maybe Nathalie woke up" NO my friends neither of those are the answer the reason I'm awake is because yesterday I decided that the kids and I would leave today instead of tomorrow to drive up to see Kersti, Aric and Hayli...and so I tossed and turned all.night.long. like a little kid at christmas time and finally at 430 i had enough i got up i got everything together i got myself all ready to go all the kids stuff ready to go and now i sit and wait....wait for william to wake up to nurse so he has a full belly optimising my driving time before stoping. Once he's fed Ill reluctantly awaken Nathalie, unless of course she awakens before then....Did I mention that if I was able to drive STRAIGHT through without ever stopping it would be a 5 and 1/2 hour drive...HA so wanna take bets on how many times I'll have to stop....this is the first time in 3 months that Ihave been thankful that Nathalie is NOT potty trained, b/c at least I won't have to stop for her to will all be based on William (fingers crossed that I only have to stop once)......

SDG&E...I want to be them, we got our electric bill and its 135 dollars dh's response "well at least we've been cool" OMG....we live in a 3 br appt wtf is 135 dollars....I told him he needs to go be cool somewhere else lol.....

alright, well I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll update you all on the trip when we return on Sunday or Monday.

Monday, July 17, 2006

relax :)

This weeks theme at is relax and I had this wonderful thought in my mind to search my camera for a picture of me relaxing and then as mentioned in my previous post there were some techinical difficulties so instead I'll be expressing my contribution in writing :)

Take A Walk;
Walk and breathe in fresh air.
Fresh Air to help you relax;
Relax and let down your hair.

Listen to the silence;
Silence broken by a child's cry.
Crying for milk from mommy,
Mommy runs to his side.

As a mother I try to find time,
time to just stop.breathe.relax.
relax.with tiny inquisitive minds
minds that I impact.

there's my little tiny tidbit I just came up with as I went hopefully not to cheesy, but hey I made it through without any "tiny minds" interupting me pretty impressive heh? it gave me a chance to relax :)

where do the days go?

Well...time goes so quickly and it all runs away from me!!!!!! I want to post pictures on this thing right, so here I go get all excited for it & my stupid printer wont read my memorycard GRRRRRR so I have to wait, but i'll put an old pic.... that was taken when william was 6 weeks old!!!! now he's 10 weeks so yeah a whole month ago...but once I can make it up to my moms to upload newer pics ill post those.....

I got a new cell phone WOO HOO Nathalie threw my old one in the TOILET which in a way was a blessing b/c I got a razor phone with photo and video capability WOOO HOOO.....

Nathalie's new favorite word is yeehaw although sometimes it comes out as HAAHAW lol....

Oh me and the kiddos are leaving thursday morning to drive up to Los Osos to visit Kersti and Hayli, and will be gone until Sunday...Sam gets 4 whole days to himself....lucky man hee hee...

PS Jen thanks for teaching me how to put a picture on here

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


so this morning i was nursing william when i suddenly noticed immense silence from my normally not so silent toddler HMMM???? what is she up to... so i sneak out of my room (where i was feeding william) and she has pulled the step stool up to the changing table (uh oh) and has opened the vaseline (uh oh #2) its everywhere, her hair her face her hands so i sneak back in my room snap a couple pics (which she catches me doing and says "chhhheeeessse") and then i explain to her that playing w/ vaseline isnt the best idea, all the while trying to contain my laughter.....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the goose

this afternoon Sam, the kids & I set out for Lake Murray....We picked up a rotissere chicken along the way and Nichole came and brought some pasta salad. Nathalie was having sooo much fun chasing the ducks, and geese, and we kept telling her not to chase the geese....Well a goose bit her shoe, not hard, but it was definitely enough to scare her.....she said mama he bite! she came back over to the table ate some chicken and apples and then daddy took her down by the water, she actually put her feet in, up about to her shins and then oopsy she fell and was soaked...But she had such a blast, and I am so glad that we got out just for those couple hours, it made her whole day to chase some duckies and see her Dantie!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

William's check up etc...

Well William had his 2 month check-up today and weighed in at 13lbs 4 oz's (nakie) and was 23 &1/4 " long, which are the 90th and 70th percentiles respectively....his head is only in the 4oth percentile which explains why I can't get a hat that fits him......Anyways after the appt we went to Nana's so Nathalie good get a little swim in & thank goodness I had Gabi with me, because William decided to nurse like the whole time we were there! Now of course he's been asleep since about 6 (& its 9), but Nathalie WILL NOT go to bed GRRRR; I should have known to expect this, Sam has load tonight (which means he won't be home until about 3 am) and for some reason (maybe she really just misses dadda?) she will not go to bed for me even after our normal bedtime routine brush teeth read story go to sleep NO, on the nights that sam has load :(.. So all my hopes of early to bed are gone! I'm sure she'll go to sleep as soon as William wakes up! We shall see....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

William is 2 months old

my little boy is already two months old, and as I meant to post yesterday we got wrapped up in 4th of July festivities, so instead I am posting his 2 month tribute at 2 months plus 1 day...

2 months have passed since you joined our family....In a quick rush to join this world you melted my heart the instance I saw you. While I was pregnant with you, I kept wondering how I could ever share the love that I have for your sister, how it was possible to love a 2nd child as much as your first and then William there you were giving me all the answers. Its an amazing thing Birth, and you are an amazing baby. I am so happy that the lord blessed this family with both a Girl and a Boy. Nathalie will always be my little princess and William you my little prince. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with you especially the ones that I get to spend with you alone after Nathalie has gone to sleep...You are such a special baby, I love watching you explore and learn new things and I know its only going to become a more explosive learning process as time goes on. You are a handsome little devil, and your spirit is strong! You love to smile and coo, especially with Dad (which makes him thinks he's almighty, so thanks for giving him that William :) )... I love you son with all my heart, and thank you for brightining our family

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This morning William lie asleep in my bed as I heard Nathalie crying mama from the next room I reluctantly drug myself up looked at the clock OMG its only 530 What is my little I sleep until *8 o'clock toddler thinking ? I go in and she says mama meeelk awww so sweet. I leave Little W asleep in my bed as he is so peaceful and content and take Nathalie out to the kitchen to get her meeelk, when suddenly I realize she is missing I hear her say "mama my baby lilliam" OH no i run back to my room and she is shaking him I said "no nathalie baby william is sleeping you have to leave him alone" she says "i lub him mama" Oh man now what do I say to that, I ask "should we lie her with W and drink your milk and read a story?" "yes mama i sooowwwy" Oh dear daughter I forgive you!

My 2 year old PRINCESS

O my if Nathalie wasn't Nathalie I think I would just die. That girl is my Pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. Her smile lights up my life and for that I am eternally grateful....This past couple of days I have been not feeling so hot (I have a bout of mastitis)...and today I actually feel much better so I got showered up and got dressed. Asked Nathalie what she would like for breakfast and she looked at me so bright eyed and said "EGGGS MAMA" so I scrambled up a couple eggs w/ her assistance put her in her high chair gave her her fork and the egggs and she said mama i lub you...OMG my heart melted and yes I am post natal but come on tell me that wouldn't bring tears to your eyes....Man just when I'm ready to go crazy from having a 2 yr old and a newborn moments like this come around to remind me of how awesome it is to be a mama!