Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i hear screams of agonizing pain from downstairs, Nathalie yelling "moommmmy mommmy" I jump up run down the stairs and find out that nothing is wrong. I hear the constant bickering of the two of them, Williams screech, Nathalie's stern voice! Please help me make it through the day!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My how you've grown

Today when I picked Nathalie up from school they gave us her "year book" it is all hand done by her teacher, with pictures and art projects from each month of the school year, in short this book it is awesome! On the very first page is Nathalies beginning of the year picture and stats as well as her end of the year picture and stats!

In September 2007 she was 3 ft 3 inches and 32 pounds
In June 2008 (9 months later) she is 3 ft 6 inches and 39 pounds!

my little girl, she is getting big!

Nathalie's end of the year field trip to Coronado

she had such a blast and said we have to bring Daddy and William the next time we go! I agree completely and hope to plan a family beach day soon!