Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I turned 27. it happened so fast, in the blink of an eye really. I just graduated High School yesterday (what my 10 yr reunion is coming up?)

We went to Sea World to celebrate, it was an awesome day. the first day we've gotten to spend together as a family since my return to work excpet for Labor day. Nathalie had such a good time, it was so neat to watch her and her extreme amazement of all the animals. She sat for 25 minutes and watched the dolphin show, and all of you that KNOW Nathalie KNOW how amazing that is! William was a happy guy all day. I am so glad we went, it was a great way to celebrate my bday, Sam, the kids, my sister and me!

Poor little William has been having terrible bouts of constipation, he'll go 10 to 12 days w/ out pooping all the while having terrible (I mean enough for me to think its Sam and not William hee hee) gas. and then when he goes its sooo much. He still has been spitting up terrible amounts and some days are worse than others so I have eliminated Dairy from my diet, to see if that will make any difference, I hope it does!

Well it is that time of the evening for me to go get ready for work :(

Sunday, September 17, 2006

i'm going out.alone.nokids..nohubby...first time in over a year and I am utterly giddy!!!! I am going to the toby keith concert tonight with my sister and our friend carolyn...and im not driving oh but i do have to work at 9am ha.

Friday, September 15, 2006

beauty is.....

Beauty is
Looking into my children's eyes
and seeing unconditonal love.
a smile
a laugh
the giddiness of a 2 year old

Beauty is
the sound of my dh's heart beating
next to me in bed.
a soundly sleeping infant inbetween us
and the moon shining in the window.

Beauty is
the blessing of a family
a roof over our head
food on our plates
and peace in our hearts.

this weeks theme at is beauty is and this is what it brought out in me! hop on over to see what so many other wonderful people had to contribute to this weeks theme!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Halloween and my sad day today!

well Halloween is just around the corner and I am as excited as all get out I LOVE HALLOWEEN its my favorite I just simply love it. My dh who I love dearly normally could careless about what my kids wear when especially at halloween normally (for the past 2 yrs) i pick up a costume and say oh look what Nathalie is gonna be this year! well the other day the following conversation occured in my household....

S: what is William gonna be for halloween?
me: well I don't know I honestly hadn't thought about it!
S: Well, I saw a really cute Lion costume the other day, and I really want to have him be a lion
me: okay

So then in my brain I kept thinking what am I going to have Nathalie be and at Walmart the other day I saw a dorothy costume! and the following conversation occured between my 2 yr old and I

me: Look Nat a DOROTHY costume do you want to be DOROTHY for Halloween?
(mind you my daughter has no idea who dorothy is)
Nat: Yeah momma me dorothy red shoes too redshoes
me okay

so I bought the dorothy costume , but have yet to get red shoes but will........

Now re: today....DH had to give william 3 ounces of formula and I have been crying about it all day....he finished all our bm that was frozen and I have been pumping my heart out.....I will continue to nurse him as much as possible and pump to keep up the supply while im working but it breaks my heart I'm sad.....but life will go on!

Friday, September 08, 2006

will's stats

william is 17 pounds and 26" woo hoo my big boy...and i must say I LOVE< LOVE, LOVE OUR NEW PEDIATRICIAN!!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hello (many echoes follow)

I know its been forever.and yes we are still alive. I missed writing a post for William's 4 month bday on Monday, but he is now 4 months, he laughs all the time and talks to all of us, especially to Nathalie, He rolls, He scoots, He has graduated out of his infant carrier and is now in a convertible carseat, my baby is growing up to fast. I missed Nathalie's 1st gymnastics class on Tuesday, but she did go to her first gymnastics class! I am a working mom! a Busy busy working mom. I cried a little when I wasn't the one taking Nathalie to her very 1st gymnastics class. and then I realized I will probably miss many of my children's 1sts. I wish I could stay at home. I hate child support (see previous post regarding step daughters). Don't get me wrong I think it is the right thing for my husband to do he is their father too, it just makes me sad sometimes to realize that I could probably stay home if there wasn't that. but could i really? aww I guess we'll never know! William has a wbc tomorrow so I'll post with his stats once I get them! I'm tired and I have to go to work in an hour; immeadiately after my husband gets home. I ordered pizza for dinner as cooking really wasn't an option tonight. I hope you all are doing well and I will be back with more another day :)