Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Uptate on Sam's Shoulder surgery

Surgery went well, it was long and hard on his body, but he is sleeping as we speak and seriously medicated, but neccissarily so! We arrived at Kaiser Zion yesterday at 8 am and got him checked in around 8 15. We entered into Pre-op around 9:15 and waited there for about 3 hours, as his Orthopedic surgeon was running about an hour behind! They took him away from me at around Noon and because the surgeon said that I could expect to be waiting for 3 to 3 and a half hours I left the hospital came home to check on the kids (which for the record were BOTH napping?!) made myself a sandwich and then drove back to the hospital. I arrived back at the hospital around 130, I signed into the surgical waiting room and waited....I tried to read, but couldn't focus, so I just waited. I talked to a few people, I met an amazing woman who had survived 2 types of cancer and was there supporting her friend! I talked to a man about the insane difference between girls and boys (as in little kids). Around 4:30 (4 and a half hours after I last saw Sam) I decided to check and he was still in surgery! I finally saw the surgeon around 6:00 PM and it turns out that the surgery was a little more invasive than we had planned and the surgeon needed to not only go in arthroscopically but also had to make a 3 inch incision in order to repair the bicep. I was told he'd be in recovery for about an hour and then I finally got to see him in Post op, he looked horrible and I'm sure he felt 10 times worse than he looked! Today has been a day of mostly sleep and a lot of medicine; he says he definitely wouldn't do it again! Keep us in your thoughts as the road will be slow and bumpy to recovery!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sam's shoulder surgery

so Sam's surgery is on Monday and I figure now is as good a time as any to explain the extensiveness of his injury. His orthopedic surgeon will be Dr. Samuel Park, who seems like a nice enough guy, and if anything, Sam likes his name; ha! Anyways, Sam's shoulder is classified as Chronic pain, and the surgeon said, he's never seen a shoulder in quite as bad condition (Gee, that's reassuring). Sam has 5 things that they are going to attempt to repair in a Surgery that wil take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Dr.Park is going to attempt to do the entire surgery arthroscopically, but is prepared to "cut him open" if need be! We are truly hoping for the arthroscopic route as both the pain and healing time are much less! The first injury that requires repair, is Sam's Rotator cuff Which has a complete tear on 75% of it, and a partial tear on the other 25%. Also Sam has a bone spur in the rotator cuff that will be removed. The next injury is his bicep and although this website shows scars at the elbow Dr. Park will be doing this from the shoulder,he will cut and reattach the bicep (doesn't this sound fun?) The 4th thing requiring attention is a growth of arthritis on Sam's clavicle they will fix this through a technique called subacromial smoothing. Finally, on the back side of Sam's shouder are several tear in his labral tendon's which the doctor is going to "clean up" while he's in there! So there you have it! There is some good news in all of this, first and foremost Sam will no longer be in chronic pain! Also My mother in law and Sister in law arrive on Saturday to help me with the kids and hubby for 2 weeks!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy weeks ahead....

Today Nathalie and I spent the day cleaning and organizing her bedroom! We are so excited that her Daddy's Mom and Sister will be here at the end of the week! Sam is due to have major shoulder surgery 1 week from today; I am anxious (but don't tell him that, I am nervous (but don't mention that to him either); I am sure that this is the best decision for his health and well being. I am sure that this is going to help him tremendosly escape from the chronic pain he suffers on a daily basis! Tonight I have to work from 6 to 10; tomorrow I have to work from 9 to 6, and then we are going to make a trip to costco to stock up for the visit; Wednesday will be time to get back on the cleaning track! Wednesday night, I start my Summer school class; Calculus, now don't get too jealous! Thursday My mom and I are taking the kids to Legoland for the first time, which was planned before I knew my in-laws would be coming 2 days later! Friday will be more cleaning, and I work in the evening and then Saturday we'll they'll be here! They are driving from Oregon, and we rented them a car, they will leave Oregon Friday morning and stay somewhere along the way and pick up driving again Saturday Morning! So we expect them to arrive around Saturday afternoon or evening! Sunday I will work so The kids will get to spend the day With their Grandma Edith, Aunt Debbie, cousin Joshua and of course Daddy! Monday is Sam's surgery and we still don't know what time its at, apparently the way Kaiser does it is by notifying you the day before, oh okay! While Sam's family is here Debbie and I intend to take Nathalie to her first movie (Surf's up); and we will most likely take a trip to Sea World! Other than that most of the time will probably be spent around the house keeping care of dh! We are going to try to make it to some playgroups, although that will definitely not happen the rest of this week or next week, but maybe the 1st week of July?!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rough Day!

I feel like their are mom's out there that have it together with all of their children all of the time! The mom's that can predict trouble before it occurs, if you know what I'm talking about! I love those mom's, I envy those mom's, and I'm here to say I will never be one of those mom's and I am completely okay with that!Today has been rough, real rough! I feel like the kids get into things left and right the second I blink an eye, and even right in front of me! William is teething like crazy and therefore attached to the boob.all.day.long. at night he is weaned, he normally wakes anywhere between 4 and 7 *this am it was7*and then nurses for 2 to 3 hours, to me the marathon morning nursing is worth it! our secret was me sleeping in another room! most nights William and Nathalie sleep with Daddy in our room; leaving me on the extra bed in Nathalie's room! Often times Nathalie will join me! Two nights a week (tonight being one of them) The kids and I sleep in my room *(usually causing William to nurse once in the middle of the night rather than not at all)! Anywhoo...I have found that night weaning just naturally worked itself into our house and for my sanity it was very much needed at this point in my and William's nursing relationship, I definetely give props to the mamas that night nurse as I have done it w/ him for the past 13 months, but I just.couldnt.anymore. His new nursing cue is adorable, well if you like to have a kid slapping your boob screaming "OOOO OOO OOOO" that is, lol! anyways its now 830 a half hour past when the kids are normally in bed and they are actually jumping on the bed behind me and Nathalie just informed be that "WEEEAMM is EAting a crayon" I guess thats my cue to play mom! I hate these nights, the ones where my husband isnt here to put them to bed for me! Time for stories!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

another contest~~~

So Nathalie didn't win any free shoes! Its really okay as she has quite a few pairs, I think she will survive! This week, there is a new contest that I am interested in at Adventures in babywearing. At this point William and I have a love relationship with one WAHM Mei tai that I bought used! We would love to get another carrier, I'm quite interested in getting a wrap! The contest is for a $75 gift certificate to mama kanga! The other thing I am highly interested in purchasing from mama kanga are some baby legs both for William and Nathalie!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

free shoes?!!

As you all may or may not know Nathalie has a small obsession with shoes! Today while reading wannabehippie's blog, I discovered a contest to win free shoes, and not just any free shoes but the super cute shoes at http://www.vincentshoestore.us/ Oh what a field day Nathalie would have with such a large selection of beatiful shoes and for free none the less! Some of my favorites for her include The elvira shoe ; and, The Sam shoe , However; I think if given the choice the shoes Nathalie will pick are Prinsessa! the shoe contest is being run by adventures in babywearing Go here to sign up to win your own!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

pictures of the kids

ok so the aforementioned cleaning isn't really happening today since William has decided that he needs to nurse non stop today. So in the meantime, here are some recentish pics of the kids!


woke up far to early
drove through starbucks on way to park as result of waking up far to early :)!
Watched kids play at park.
drove through mexican food on way home from park, because i'm lazy.
threw william's diapers in the wash
currently nathalie is watching dora while i nurse william
once william is asleep I intend to clean the kitchen, and maybe Nathalie's room
I have to work tonight from 6 to 10
William just bit me :(
Did I mention that I woke up far to early!