Monday, June 30, 2008

here I am

I haven't been very consistent in the blogging world lately and I dont really have an explanation beyond I have been busy, lazy and busy! Nathalie just moved up a class in preschool she is no longer a piglet, she is now a tigger! She will be starting Soccer next month! I got a new job, no longer with Rite Aid, I will now be working for Save on, which is 1 mile from my house, which means walking, biking, not driving! Less Gas!!!!! Sam is most likely going to have to have another shoulder surgery. William is 2, and crazy and keeping me busy, and I use to blog when Nathalie is at school, but I find myself doing more and more activities with William now, so there is another reason I havent been blogging so much!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

William's 2 y.o check up yesterday...

28 lbs....50th percentile

35&3/4"........75th percentile

all in all I have my self a healthy boy and for that I am truly blessed!