Thursday, February 21, 2008

What we did today

Okay so for the past several weeks I've been working Thursdays, which means missing our usual Thursday playgroup! Today I was off, unfortunately we still did not get to attend playgroup! We headed up to my moms to do laundry (8 loads of it!) so that EVERYTHING is clean for the move! I AM so excited that we will finally have our own washer and dryer!!!

The kids spent quite a bit of time outside today, playing on there bikes, chasing each other around, playing in the mud, splashing in the puddles! AND I had my camera with me :) so here are some pictures of the fun they had!!!

The joy on her face! BTW she cut her own bangs last night, after she'd been growing them out for over a year, they were about the length of the piece on the left side of her chin, which she also cut herself!

William on the Tricyle!

My baby boy is getting so big!

William and Nathalie pulling weeds lol!

Sliding down the bank on her bottom!

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