Wednesday, November 29, 2006

William crawling

about 2 weeks ago William upgrading from combat crawling to FULL ON CRAWLING and this week his newest move is to pull up to standing on things, um excuse me could you please stay a babe for a while longer momma is not ready for 2 walking children....

Auntie Nichole got a new camera and was over using it at our house yesterday; she captured this lil clip of william crawling....

click here to see our little man in action

two front teeth

YEAH they are finally here, after days and weeks and months of anticipation, William's two front bottom teeth broke through the gum last night!!!! Woo hoo, so my baby truly has been fussy for a reason. Its funny in a not so funny kind of way, Nathalie never made a peep when she was teething and then suddenly she had teeth, (on the other hand she makes more than enough peeps now lol) and William has been peeping about these teeth for about 3 months, I'm so glad they are finally here, and hope that this will bring him some much overdue relief!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


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Today was an inside day, mommy was feeling very lazy ( af came to visit for the first time since William's birth :P), Nathalie was running a bit of a fever and William was much on the cranky side, hopefully due to teeth coming in?! I was going to spend the day cleaning and it didn't happen...about the only productive thing I accomplished was polishing Nathalies finger and toenails and that was because she begged so nicely!

Scars on the outside are often visible, easy to see; its the scars on the inside that noone sees and unless one reveals them others may not know they exist. There are several scars on the inside of me, and I am afraid to share some of them; most of them infact, but I know that as I build courage to tell the stories of the scars inside of me I will become stronger and help them to heal in the process. However now doesnt seem the time nor the place for that.

Inside of me I fight a constant battle with myself to stay strong for the sake of my children,
to set a good example for them to show them the good that really does still exist in this world. inside of me I repress anger, insecurites, and burdens in order to stay strong for my family. Often I confide in my husband as he is my best friend, although at times I feel that he (as a man) expects that I have overcome much of the emotinal struggles that I have dealt with for as long as I can remember!

I suspect that everyone is complicated on the inside, with lists of internal scars that would take up thousands of pages. So remember what you see as perfection in someone from the outside may only shadow what is lurking on the inside!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To Give Thanks

I am thankful for my family! Call me Lame,tell me its a cop out but thats what im thankful for. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

my BIG boy

okay so William went to the dr's today for his really bad bowel movements and he weighs....19 pounds and 6 ounces!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

oh and by the way....

I just wanted to refresh you all back to this entry, the day I returned to work a little over 3 months ago and yes i'm still nursing and yes William is now over 6 months old! okay now im not as sad :) have a nice day!

yes my daughter is a girl (duh)

well you see Nathalie is quite a rough girl, she likes to climb, play in dirt, kick balls (of the soccer sort you dirty minded folks you!) she's a bit tomboyish if you will. on the other hand she loves to dance, sing, go to gymnastics, where skirts/dresses/ has a new found obsession with TIGHTS and SHOES (lord help me) and aparently now mom's make-up (which by the way mom hardly ever wears)....this morning she came out of the bathroom with eye shadow on (her cheeks) and mascarea (on her face.noteyes. and arm) My camera was missing but I promise you all it was a beautiful moment! I love my daughter to pieces and I feel like sometimes, okay maybe a lot of times lately my nerves have been very tried by her, but she is worth every pressing moment, I can't believe she's 2 and a half (yesterday) the time has gone so incredibly fast, my little baby is becoming a big girl. okay now im sad.goodbye.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Coffee and me...

I never use to be a serious coffee drinker, really I would just drink it once in a while b/c I needed the extra "kick" but nothing to serious. Then I became a mom of one and I slowly grew more dependent on coffee. nothing to serious, just my once a week coffee turned into 2 or 3 times a week. THen I became a mom of 2 , the 2nd child being one who wants to nurse all.night.long still at 6 months old and I have come accustomed to drinking coffee on a daily basis!well then you must be privied to the delight I felt today when I drove by this new cafe to soon open on La Mesa blvd.... Just thought I'd share my joy with you!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


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a favorite subject of I recently have come to believe that everybody is somebody's hero! I am instanly surronded by the country song "she's somebody's hero" by Jamie O'neal, reminding me that in my daughters eyes I too could be a hero!

Growing up I had people that I looked up to, that I would consider my "heroes," they included but were not limited to my Dad, My Mom, My grandparents, a few of my teachers...etc

As a late teen and early adult I coached cheerleading and taught dance, finding that I had an impression on many young people, making me realize that I should watch every move I make, what if I was out w/my friends drinking (after I was 21 of course) and I saw a parent fo a never know who is watching and how they will be let down by a wrong move!

as my life progressed my opinion of those people who I had held on pedastals for many years slowly diminished and I realized that I had different I consider my sister a hero of mine, for surving the death of two people a week apart who she loved dearly (boyfriend...and best friend since kindergarten)..... My Dad still remains one of my hereos, b/c to me a hero is someone you can always lookup to when you need help and to me that is my dad! and single moms to me are heroes, b/c I never could do it on my own!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

William is 6 months old

our dear son is 6 months old today and I can hardly believe it! the time has flown by! here is my monthly tribute to him:

Dear William:

6 months ago you changed the dynamic of our family forever, and at this moment as you are nursing while I type this to you all I can reflect on is the incredible joy you bring to all of us! your sister is madly in love with you she loves to make you laugh and smile, sometimes she plays a little rough, but only because she doesnt know better at this point! You take it like a man though you just let her torment you, I guess she's really just preparing you for the women of your future (lol).... This month you have started "crawling" you don't crawl in the conventional since, but you get up on all fours rock back and forth, hop like a bunny, roll, scoot, army crawl you name it. You sit a bit unsupported but not for long periods of time and I am sure that will come soon! when on all fours you like to push up onto your feet as well! no teeth yet and to an extent I am quite thankful for that! You ate some peas today for lunch and loved them!!!! but really were intent on just wanting to nurse so of course I gave in! at any rate the past 6 months of my life have flown by! I can't believe your already 1/2 a yr old! happy 6 month birthday to you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

small miracles

thank goodness for my small miracle (aka William)...We (Nathalie, William and I ) Went up to Morro bay to visit my friend Kersti, her daughter Hayli and their newest addition "baby Emma" (as Nathalie refers to her). My original plan was to drive home today (thursday) but last night around 5:30 while William was nursing Nathalie was a little whiney and asking for Daddy so I said what the heck I'll drive home tonight. So when William finished nursing I started to load up the car and saying our "good byes" by the time we got on the road it was 6:30, its (according to mapquest a 5 hour and 45 minute drive) the drive up took 7 hours due to traffic, and having to stop to nurse William, so I figured we'd make it home by one or so.....Folks I got home at 11:30, william slept the entire way, no peep at all!!!! Although Nathalie only slept about an hour b/c she was so excited to see daddy she was so good I couldn't believe it! I am currently exhausted but so happy to be home, and to get to sleep in a real bed (after an airmatress for 5 days)....hope all you are doing well