Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ok so....

William and I didnt attend playgroup as planned yesterday, we had been running around all morning and the weather was kind of blah so I opted out. He and I did walk to pick Nathalie up from school, although, due to the fact that he skipped is nap yesterday I did cary him most of the way.

His appointment went well with his ped yesterday. She agreed with the previous evaluation that William does have some sort of speech delay and will indeed require therapy. We have an appointment scheduled with audiology on the 6th of March, to make sure that it is not hearing related, as Sam pointed out to me, a lot of the sounds that William makes sound like that of someone hearing impaired. The ped put in the referall for the speech therapy, and I will call Friday to schedule that. In the meantime, I am working with him consistantly and making sure that he can see my lips when I talk (just incase).

Today is not a school day for Nathalie so we spent about 45 minutes outside this morning stomping in rain puddles, William got so much joy in this, he was sooo excited, and wore himself out. He is now napping (and has been for 2 hours) which is nice as he hasn't taken a nap for the past three days.

Posting may be scarce over the next week or so as we move on Sunday!

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bendystar said...

My DH is hard of hearing and wasn't fitted for hearing aids until he was 4 years old. He had many years of speech therapy and now sounds perfectly normal. Although if he goes without his hearing aid for long, his speech starts to sound a little thick to me. But goes right back with the aid. Good luck with your son. Hopefully it's just a normal boy issue!