Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Date Night~ with myself

Tonight I originally had plans to see a movie with a friend; however, she had to bow out as she wasn't feeling well (read HUNG OVER). I attempted to contact other friends, including my sister, none of which were up to a movie night. I myself have not been to see an adult movie in the theater in over 3 years. I truly had my heart set on chick flick movie night, to go see P.S. I Love you! A customer at work after knowing all I had been through recently suggested it, and I really wanted to see it. So I decided I'd keep the date I had with my friend, with myself. It was an amazing night, I have never gone to a movie alone before, but I would most definitely do it again. I went to Grossmont Center, I had dinner at Panera, I had a bowl of baby portobello bisque which was delicious, and then enjoyed a fantastic chick flick that made me laugh and cry! It was truly a great way to start off the new year! I've definitely been in quite a funk lately and this helped me!

Oh and P.S. Sam knows about his birthday surprise now, and its not because I can't keep a seceret, its because he's a stubborn old man, and the only way I could get him to request off a few days was to tell him......I bought 2 plane tickets for his daughters to come and visit. They'll be here the 11th to the 18th. He couldn't not be more excited, so although, I really just wanted to surprise him, it will still be amazing!

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Luci said...

I think that sounds great! I would love to make a date night with myself. I think everyone should! Good for you!