Friday, January 04, 2008

A car! A car!

So for quite a while now we've been having 1 car, and its been quite rough. Thankfully my Dad let us use is truck, but at about 9 miles to the gallon its safe to say that we have been avoiding driving it.
My Dad has mentioned a couple of times that his bosses daughter had an old station waggon as a 2nd car, that he thought she may be interested in parting with at a realitively low cost! He wondered if I was interested. um for sure! So my Dad called me yesterday and said he wanted to bring the car by for me to look at, ok. To me it was perfect, it runs, it would get me everywhere I needed to go, my Dad was confident enough about it and I really trust his judgement as he knows tremendous amounts about cars.
Well, I got the car today and I'm so happy about it! Although I don't have a picture of the actual car, Here is one just like it on auto trader. Nathalie calls it our big car lol.

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Jen said...

Yay!!! Congrats, it's going to be great for you guys!!