Monday, January 07, 2008

Danger Danger, I'm having one of those days

so whining is about the best you'll get from me right now. I know I'm PMSing, I can feel it within every ounce of my body, not physically, emotionally. Yesterday the kids bugged me all day long by doing nothing or everything, it didn't matter. I worked today, but since then have been on constant bitch mode. I feel like my premenstural symptoms have increased severely after having had William, and I feel like they worsen every month. I get so glum and want to throw myself a pitty party. I seriously need motivation to play grown up now. I have sooo much to do this week, Sam's girls are coming on Friday from New Hampshire (his bday surprise. although he knows now) and I have cleaning to do and stuff to plan and right now I have complete insomnia and I'm tired. Ok well Im pretty sure I just complained enough for quite a while!

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