Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sam's hospital stay OH and today is his birthday

First, so I don't forget Happy birthday to the man I married! I love him with all of my heart, and today he is 45! Or as he likes to put it 39 plus 6.

Sam has 2 stents that were put in back in 2003; when he was only 40! Since that time we have been in constant monitoring of things that most 40ish men don't really have to worry about, like cholesterol and blood pressure. Needless to say that when Sam came into the front room around 10 pm on Sunday night complaining of SEVERE pain in his shoulder and back, my first thought went to his heart... It was the kind of pain that brings a man to his knees. He was dying. I called Kaiser and they, as I thought they would, told me to take him to the ER. Nathalie was asleep so she stayed home with our roommate, and the lil' guy, well he got to come along for the ride! AT about 4 am, once they had rulled out all to do with Sam's heart for the most part, by way of EKG and blood work, I decided to take my baby and myself home as neither of us had slept, (YES William really stayed awake the ENTIRE time!) Monday morning I woke up around 730 got Nathalie and William all ready and then dropped Nathalie at school around 9 and William with my sister. I then headed back down to Kaiser, where Sam had been moved from the ER to the "observation unit", you know like the animals in the zoo! They were going to perform some further testing on his heart, and run Xrays on his shoulder as the pain was still a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. all tests run. no results. Final goal, to get pain managed. I never understood Chronic Pain until I saw my husbnd in it! Monday night was the first night my children have been without either of us over night! The good news is that they were super good for they're auntie, which means we may get an overnight date-night out of this eventually! The bad news, this means I got to sleep on a gurney next to my husband in the hospital! I mean common kids, that would have been the time to throw a fit so mommy had to come get you! No, I really didn't want to leave Sam..... He was discharged yesterday, (Tuesday) afternoon, still no answer. Seriously. I took him to his primary care today as he was so miserable all.night.long and really still no answers, we have to call Friday to schedule an MRI.......

anyways thats how my week started, how about yours?

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