Thursday, December 06, 2007

What have I done this year?

Way back in January, I posted this uber list of goals for the year, so which ones have I actually accomplished or made a dent in? Let's recap!

1.) No I still don't workout, and I at least walk with the kids once every 2 weeks but have made a valiant effort to go to the park at least 2 times a week!
2.) I have been eating a lot less junk, have been using a lot more Organic, and have definitely decreassed my horrible addiction to diet coke, I'm almost completely weaned, lol.
3.)Cooking more healthily indeed, see above. I know there is still plenty of room for improvement, as of now, we have cut out all red meat and are slowly working on birds too. I'm hoping by January to be mostly on veggies, with fish here and there as that is something that dh and I really enjoy.
4.)Health of dh re: his shoulder surgery, we (he) made it through with flying colors.
5.)I still haven't had the physical.
6.)I went to the dentist in July and am due again, okay I'll call them tomorrow.
7.&8. Not quite up to 4 nights a week of cooking, its hard with my schedule; and regarding the new recipes, its probably more like 1 a month.
9.)Sam has given up alcohol all together, which is much larger than I ever began imaginable, and it has definitely made our family stronger.
10.)Nathalie aka Ms. Independence, I really don't think she needs extra support in this department.
11.) With the passing of Sam's mom we've definitely come to cherish every moment more and more.
12.)We do get out of the house more than 3 days a week, Nathalie being in school goes 3 days a week. William and I try to go to playgroups on Mondays and or Tuesdays, and we all three go on Thursdays. Also we spend Saturdays and Sundays at Nanas and Papas.
13.) LIMIT TV we were doing really well with this and then had a bit of a relapse, but are getting back on track.
14.)LISTEN to my children's needs, I'm really trying on this one
15.)Take a trip together just the 4 of us. no one else. Not yet, but we're hoping for January, so almost made it
15.)Yell less, praise more (apply to both dh and dc's)--With dh its gotten a lot easier, since he stopped drinking, don't get me wrong he wasnt a druken bastard or anything like that, but he'd have a couple beers, sometimes more, a night, and wouldn't do anything.
16. Read at least 1 book a month, Well if Organic Chemistry text books and Calculus text books count then I definitely have accomlished this one too lol.
17.)Make me time...Well, it may not be once every month, but I have been getting more "me" time than last year most definitely
18.)SPEND LESS.....SAVE MORE need to work on this more
19.) I feel like my patience is increasing
20.)the boxes are decluttered
21.)Do dishes daily, do not let them go for an extra day or two--um still working on this one
22.)definitely doing better on the laundry front.
23.)done in the kids department, still need to work on our clothes
24.)we went out just the two of us on Sam's birthday, January 30th hey at least it was once this year.


veganmomma said...

Lots to comment on, but if it makes you feel any better we've only gone out once since Rowan was born, maybe 2x's this year then? It is weird how half the time we don't even care, we LIKE spending time with our kids, but i know for our relationship, we need to get out more.
Thanks for sharing your list, very personal some of it, and I appreciate hearing your accomplishments (and areas for growth:))

erika_deanne said...

thanx sara and I totally agree about wanting to spend the time with our kids!