Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas rocked!!!!

Not only for the kids, but for me too! My family all pitched in and bought me a laptop for Christmas! I am soo excited about this, it is something I really will use for school! Unfortunately I left my camera at my moms, so I cant post any Christmas day pictures yet, but I promise there are lots that will be posted soon!
Nathalie's favorite gift was the one that santa brought her a baby doll, with highchair, stroller and bed. Williams favorite gift was a geotrax set that he got from his Nana and Papa as well as his auntie. He got sooo many trucks and cars, but loves them all! Nathalies next favortie gift was from her "uncle" Dan, and was a set of barbie movies, definitely not my choice, but thats okay, it was christmas after all. The kids were amazing yesterday, and William actually took two naps!
Sam has to work overnight for the next three nights :( but this means that this morning he allowed me to go back to sleep after breakfast and showering, around 9:30 until noonish, it was fantastic! William has now been asleep for nearly 3 hours, which is also fantastic, but I know it will end soon!

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Jen said...

yay for new laptops!! I got one too :)