Sunday, August 27, 2006


well, today is sunday and I have had the past 3 days off, only to return to work tomorrow :( middle step daughter Briana (14) was in for a visit for the past two weeks (and left wed.) and my older step daughter Jocelyn (17) flies in tomorrow.....I really don't want my daughter to ever become a teenager, thats it end of story, they scare me!!! I told my mom today that when Nathalie is 12 she's going to move in with her until she's 19 my mom said and I quote "I don't think so, I already had 2 teenage girls thank you very much"....So to you all I pose this questions, anyone want an extra daughter in about 10 yrs....that scares me as well, I have been out of High school the same number of years that it is until my daughter is a "tween" ok enough of that gotta go nurse william!!!1

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Jen said...

hah! I'll have a boy teenager in 8 years...that scares me too!