Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hello (many echoes follow)

I know its been forever.and yes we are still alive. I missed writing a post for William's 4 month bday on Monday, but he is now 4 months, he laughs all the time and talks to all of us, especially to Nathalie, He rolls, He scoots, He has graduated out of his infant carrier and is now in a convertible carseat, my baby is growing up to fast. I missed Nathalie's 1st gymnastics class on Tuesday, but she did go to her first gymnastics class! I am a working mom! a Busy busy working mom. I cried a little when I wasn't the one taking Nathalie to her very 1st gymnastics class. and then I realized I will probably miss many of my children's 1sts. I wish I could stay at home. I hate child support (see previous post regarding step daughters). Don't get me wrong I think it is the right thing for my husband to do he is their father too, it just makes me sad sometimes to realize that I could probably stay home if there wasn't that. but could i really? aww I guess we'll never know! William has a wbc tomorrow so I'll post with his stats once I get them! I'm tired and I have to go to work in an hour; immeadiately after my husband gets home. I ordered pizza for dinner as cooking really wasn't an option tonight. I hope you all are doing well and I will be back with more another day :)


Elaine said...

It's so hard to meet everyone's needs and pay the bills. So sorry you're having a hard time with it! Hopefully you'll all get into the swing of things soon. In the meantime, I'll be thinking of you!

Jen said...

Oh Erika...I agree it is very hard to make ends meet. It's a reality we deal with every day here in the monkey household. Missing kids firsts is OK, hard thing to miss, but OK in the long run, imho. You're doing an awesome job being mom, working, nursing, caring, loving...all for the kids. That's what counts.

Hope to see you soon!! Miss you and the kids :)

erika_deanne said...

thanks mamas i appreciate the love!!!