Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I feel like a stranger to my own blog. I have worked the past 5 days straight, and am working tonight and tomorrow night. 7 days straight. I am GRATEFUl that I have a job, that I can provide extra income to our family, and insurance to our kids, but I dearly miss my kids the days I'm at work...I despise the mess I come home to every night, but Iknow that it just means daddy had fun with the kids that day which is the most important thing anyways! 2 more nights of work, and then I'm off for 4 days wooo hooo... ON top of it all Nathalie has been sick.and.constipated. both issues which have resolved themself thank goodness. William is sneezing and coughing every now and then but nothing near as bad as his sister was....well baby wants to nurse so i must answer to his call.

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