Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my need for breakfast...and cereal

I love breakfast....I am the kind of person that needs to consume calories immeaditely upon waking up or else I become a total b**ch from low blood sugar. Lately, since returning to work, I mostly just eat cereal because its easy and convienent. Well 2 weeks ago in the Sunday paper Kellogs had there own coupon section which included several cereal coupons, which I of course cut out ( I love coupons). One of the types of cereal that the coupons were for was Special K. Growing up I always thought of speical k as "adult" cereal, and figured it wasn't that good, and then I bought it. I am in love. For those of you that haven't tried it, try it its utterly delicious. I bought the yogurt berry and Vanilla Almond....the Vanilla Almond is by far my favorite cereal ever....Wow okay I can't believe I just wrote a blog about cereal.

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