Wednesday, August 23, 2006

update :)

William 3 months old and Nathalie and The afore mentioned vaseline incident!

well its been a week since my last post....William caught Nathalie's cold, and was taken to the dr's on friday for a freakishly strange rash... He is 3.5 months now and weighs in at 16.4 pounds woo hoo my big boy.....not to much is new here just wanted to post some pictures :) to you all soon


Jen said...

Poo! we missed you today!! I'm glad to see that things are goin OK with you!! Wish you didn't have to work either but you do what you have to do!! Hope to see you and the little ones soon!

erika_deanne said...

i'm pretty sure that I won't be working thursday mornings once labor day passes (finger crossed) which means we'd be back into play group we made it to pepper grove last week but you were still on vacation, hope to see you soon