Sunday, July 30, 2006


okay, so I went back yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Of course I missed my kids terribly...I called to check in 3 times (not to excessive for being gone 9 hours right) William drank 4 expressed bottles WOW and nursed the second I walked in the door....I'm nervous about having enough milk pumped for him, I need to pump everyday at least once, plus the milk i pump while at work....although I'm hoping when I work my 2 short days (4 hours) that I can nurse right before I leave and as soon as I get home. This boy can eat, I find that today I am cherishing him nursing more than ever, the pump is not my friend, dont get me wrong I express plenty of milk when doing so but it is not the same as having my last darling baby suckling right?! I love the bond he and I share during this time, I missed it soo much yesterday, as i will miss it again tomorrow... I pumped 3 times at work ( 2 breaks and once on my lunch) when I went to pump the 3rd time (really only the 2nd time that my boss knew of, he didnt know i pumped on my lunch) my boss acutally had the NERvE to say to me "how often do you need to pump?" I took a deep breath and explainedthat I will be pumping 3 times per shift in an 9 hour day and one time (or maybe not at all?) in a 4 hour shift...Seriously as a man that has 2 small children you'd think maybe he'd be a little more understanding....he also asked me "how long do you think you'll breastfeed for?" "until my child is ready to wean" "oh" was his response and I just left it at that. I will not allow him or anyone in my workplace to influence my decision to breastfeed as I know it is the best thing in this world for my child and the bond it builds between us can not be captured in words....As I end this blog I leave you with a saddening statistic that I read earlier in this week.did you know that "Only 10 percent of mothers who work full-time are still breastfeeding their baby at 6 months, according to a 2005 CDC report."


Elaine said...

You stick to your guns, girl! So proud of you!

Jen said...

You go Mama!!! Glad to hear that it went OK! :-)