Saturday, July 01, 2006


This morning William lie asleep in my bed as I heard Nathalie crying mama from the next room I reluctantly drug myself up looked at the clock OMG its only 530 What is my little I sleep until *8 o'clock toddler thinking ? I go in and she says mama meeelk awww so sweet. I leave Little W asleep in my bed as he is so peaceful and content and take Nathalie out to the kitchen to get her meeelk, when suddenly I realize she is missing I hear her say "mama my baby lilliam" OH no i run back to my room and she is shaking him I said "no nathalie baby william is sleeping you have to leave him alone" she says "i lub him mama" Oh man now what do I say to that, I ask "should we lie her with W and drink your milk and read a story?" "yes mama i sooowwwy" Oh dear daughter I forgive you!

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Jen said...

awww so sweet!!!