Wednesday, July 05, 2006

William is 2 months old

my little boy is already two months old, and as I meant to post yesterday we got wrapped up in 4th of July festivities, so instead I am posting his 2 month tribute at 2 months plus 1 day...

2 months have passed since you joined our family....In a quick rush to join this world you melted my heart the instance I saw you. While I was pregnant with you, I kept wondering how I could ever share the love that I have for your sister, how it was possible to love a 2nd child as much as your first and then William there you were giving me all the answers. Its an amazing thing Birth, and you are an amazing baby. I am so happy that the lord blessed this family with both a Girl and a Boy. Nathalie will always be my little princess and William you my little prince. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with you especially the ones that I get to spend with you alone after Nathalie has gone to sleep...You are such a special baby, I love watching you explore and learn new things and I know its only going to become a more explosive learning process as time goes on. You are a handsome little devil, and your spirit is strong! You love to smile and coo, especially with Dad (which makes him thinks he's almighty, so thanks for giving him that William :) )... I love you son with all my heart, and thank you for brightining our family

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