Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some Very Sad News!

All Full names are replaced with initials, to protect indivudal privacy

Yesterday morning I got Nathalie all ready for school, Snow White costume on, Pumpkin Cupcakes for class party in car and away we went! We arrived to her school, I signed her in, handded her "cupcakes" to her teacher, and her teacher said, "you need to go see Pat," (Pat is the Owner of Nathalie's school). I was concerned, I wondered if it was something Nathalie had done at school, or if maybe she was retireing. So to the office I went. As I was entering, another parent was leaving, and was sad, tearful. I entered and Mrs. M (Pat), looked sorrowful. I sat*down. She said I am really sorry to be the one to tell you this, but we lost Mrs. B*, (Mrs. B* was Nathalie's teacher all of last year, the first person we ever had entrusted our daughter to that was not a family member.) I was confused, wondering what could possibly cause this "loss", had she decided to move, was she asked to leave? The next sentence she had to share was extremely painful, "Mrs. B died yesterday?" I had seen, and spoken to her on Wednesday, when dropping Nathalie off at school.

Mrs. B was 30 years old, over the past few months her weight had melted away, many at the school assumed she was dieting. Apparantely, she called in sick on Thursday, and collapsed early in the day, her husband was unable to wake her, and called 911, she was ambulanced to the hospital, and died shortly after noon. She had been told by dr's not long ago that she may have delayed diabetes, they had scheduled an appointment to do further testing, but she died. The true cause of death is not yet known, and will be revealed after the autopsy is performed.

There are so many things I'd like to have been able to say to this amazing woman, who my daughter, husband and I respected, trusted and admired, things that I will not get the chance to say! The sadness that fills my heart is unexplainable. My daughter is sad, but said its okay because Mrs. B is in heaven with her grandma and grandma is a nice person so she and Mrs. B will be friends, that made my heart smile.

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