Friday, October 31, 2008


William and I made a trip to the store this morning to replace some of our dairy products, with those which are non-dairy....We ended up purchasing Pacificfoods Chocolate soy milk (individual box was under 70 cents, so I bought 2 for "on the go" to see if he'd like them, he requested one on the car ride home and consumed it within 5 minutes, thus I will be returning to purchase more of those!) I also purchased some rice milk, some vanilla soy milk, some soy yogurt, one vanilla and one blueberry. I purchased one box of glutino gluten free crackers, and really they aren't that good, but maybe they will grow on us. I plan on making a trip to whole foods sometime in the next week and stocking up on many more cf and gf foods, but at least we are making steps in the right direction!

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