Monday, November 03, 2008

What is on the Christmas lists in our household

My daughter wants rain boots. Although we live in San Diego and the annual rain fall here is miniscule she wants some! She has a pair that we purchased when she was just shy of 3, and she still trys to squeeze into them, I thought Ok, thats a good christmas gift. So I began browsing, online of course, and I came across these lavender Mary Jane style rain boots, and loved them. However, being one always in search of a bargan, I felt the 27.00 price tag was a little high, for rain boots, and was aiming for closer to a 20 dollar price range. You can only imagine how excited I was to come across this alternative from Target. Not only are they less than half the price of the originals I actually think the floral accent makes them even cuter! What a deal, of course I snagged them up instantly, there was no way I was risking them running out, they are on clearance after all. At that rate, I'll hopefully find a cute umbrella to match and walk away still around the 30 dollar mark!

Nathalie also loves dress up! Anything princess, and dress up is a double bonus! I scored half price costumes at work yesterday, and got both a Cinderella and a princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) dress for a total of 16 dollars! I figure I'll get her some other dress up accesories, and I want to buy or build a wooden chest for her to keep all of her dress up things in!

At least I have started in the Nathalie department.

William loves anything with wheels, parts, dirt, balls etc. He loves animals ALLL ANIMALS but especially ones that "roar", Dinosaurs, Lions, Tigers, Bears etc..... I saw this pirate doll and had to get it, a little more than I would normally spend on one doll, but its awesome and Manhattan toys makes great toys! In the animal department, have you seen these from Finn & Thatcher? I think I'm going to order one of each, I was going to skip the "bull" but considering that both William and Nathalie are Taurus' the bull may be a needed object in our household.

Ok so whats on the Christmas lists in your households? I need more ideas, but at least am moving in the right direction!

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Jen said...

wow you are one shopper-mama!! love the boots and the pirate doll. oh and the little animals are adorable and on SALE!!!!