Monday, October 27, 2008

ok, so most likely, most of what you'll be hearing for a while from me will regard the food thing

Ok, so I spent a lot of time last night researching.and researching. and researching some more. And the approach I am going to take with William, is to become GFCF in 6 weeks. Why so long you may ask? Well the reasons are numerous, but the main number one reason is this, in kids that have developmental delays, speech delays, behavioral delays that will truly benefit from a GFCF diet, the foods that they are so addicted too actually act opiod-like to there little brains, so they truly are addicted. Due to this fact, things can actually get worse, before they get better, a risk I am definitely willing to take, given the results I expect we'll see in the end! So here is the "low-down" of the first 6 weeks, as is explained on the TACA website:

Starting on Saturday, November 1st (just so that its easier to keep track of,) William will receive no more casein (milk, containing products), this initial phase will be a 2 week elimination of all casein containing products. After 2 weeks, beginning November 15th, William will remain on a Casein free diet and be introduced to GFCF breakfasts, I hear that Van's GFCF waffles are good, he will still be allowed eggs, I will probably try a couple different gf cereal's, with soy or rice milk... At the beginning of week 4, November 22, the above mentioned eliminations will remain in place, and we will introduce GFCF Lunches, this week will be one of the hardest in our house, as for Lunch my son eats PB & J sandwiches, etc, and the suggestions on the TACA website for lunches aren't exactly things I want to be feeding him, although I will try these chicken nuggets, the kicker is trying to find them locally, or else find some friends who need some too? (ANYONE?) and then we could place a group order! Week 5, Which will begin November 29, will bring the introduction of GF dinners. In week 6, beginning Dec 6, GFCF snacks (although as we run out of the things that contain Gluten, I will be replacing them with gluten free). TACA goes on to list weeks 7-10, but I am happy to say that in the department of soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, toothpaste and laundry detergent we currently use products that do not contain gluten and Casein. I will replace all of my baking products with those that are gluten and casein free.

As far as Nathalie and the rest of us go, we will obviously follow these dietary restrictions in our home, not only to support William, but to benefit us all. However, I will allow Nathalie to mantain a normal diet at school, for now, but next year, I will be packing her lunches anyhow, so they too will be gluten and casein free.

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