Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update on William, and the new diet that will be entering our house

Friday, I had the priveledge of attending the DAN (defeat autism now)! Fall Conference at the Town and Country Hotel in Mission Valley! I learned so many very interesting and helpful things. Although Willliam is not officially autistic, he does portray quite a number of "autistic" traits. From everything I have learned, both Sam and I agree that he will benefit greatly from a GFCF diet (gluetin and Casein free) which means, no dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) and no bread (wheat, oats, rye) chicken nuggets, eliminating almost everything that he is so use to eating. An interesting note on that fact is that kids (and adults alike) crave that which they are most sensitive too, in William's case I believe this to be Bread, this boy loves bread will ask for it anytime he can see it..I invested in a great "kid-friendly" GFCF cookbook, and have found recipies to make our own chicken nuggets, that are gluten free....etc....I will also be adding some supplements in for him, he just received vitamin c chewables, that he will now take everyday along with his multivitamin. Furthermore, I have ordered him some melatonin, to hopefully help even out his sleep pattern (for those of you not intune to the lack of sleep William provides us, he usually does not go to sleep until 12 or 1, and Friday night I was actually up with him until 3). I intend to add Omega-3's to his diet as well, I just need to find him a chewable brand...... There are several other options in the form of supplements, but these will be the initial few we introduce to him. Rather than eliminating all of the restricted foods at once, I will initially begin with Casein/dairy, no milk, no cheese and no yogurt, of course no other dairy containing products, but those are the three biggies in our house. After 3 weeks of 100% elimination of dairy, we will remove the gluten as well. During the initial 3 week period as we run out of gluten containing products, they will be replaced with those which are gluten-free. So any of you that have ideas in the gfcf free category that will help me out please let me know!

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veganmomma said...

I think that is great that you are going to experiment with this. I know Luci did this when Lola was about william's age and I think it did help.
I hope you can get his sleep patterns on track. My friends are dealing with something similar only their boy is Nat's age so it is good you aren't waiting. He isn't autistic either but was given a generic kind of diagnonsis of a developmental disorder. Best of luck to you all, I know it will be hard, but when you start to see results it will be worth it!