Monday, November 05, 2007

because now's my free moment

Nathalie is at school, and William and I just returned from a morning of errands: Henry's, the park, quick stop at Target and home. He's asleep (woo hoo) and although I have plenty of things to be doing (homework, cleaning etc). I don't know about you all but me on the days I go get groceries I have the hardest time deciding what I should eat, because it all sounds so good and I just want to eat as much as possible. For lunch, I just made myself a tuna pita (its sooo good, the best part are the orange flavored dried cranberries I got at henry's this am) and thought hmmm I better go post real quick while I have the time! Tonight I'm going to attempt to make a curry for dinner, hopefully the kids will like it, I know dh will eat whatever I make, but its the kids I wonder about, although knowing there is chicken in it should be enough to make Nathalie happy, Mabye Ill make them a not as spicy batch! Ok well I guess I should try and get a little else done while William is nappng!

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