Friday, August 17, 2007


Listen is the theme this week over at mama says om. I find that I truly need to listen to my own needs more often.
Trying to keep up with the thoughts as they process in my mind. I am trying to follow the voice in my heart, and reflectively have made several recent changes in my life due to listening to myself. I met up with a great friend last night who I haven't seen since before William's birth, and it was fantastic, it was as if we had just seen each other yesterday. That's the way it should be with true friends I believe. After talking with her over dinner I realized that both she and I give ourselves to freely to others, letting them walk all over us without expecting anything in return. I feel that I allow myself to be taken for granted and I don't know why.

I feel that I listen to my children's needs quite frequently, but do I do it often enough? Sometimes (more often than I'd like) I do what I want in a day and maybe don't listen to my children's wants and needs as much as a I should. Its a challenge to be a mother.

I try my hardest to listen to my husband whenever he comes to me with anything whether it be related to us or his work; I should try harder to not conflict with him, and to be a true open listening ear.

If you listen to everyone thats important to you for even one conversation imagine the things you would learn! Most importantly take the time to listen to yourself and your own needs!


tracey said...

too true.

Elaine said...

It's so hard to actually listen to everyone else when there's a screaming need inside us. How do we fulfill ourselves and the needs of others when sometimes those needs conflict?

Seriously, girl, it's not easy!

Hanging in there with you!