Thursday, August 02, 2007


William falls often, he is crazy and climbs on things he shouldn't I find myself chasing him to catch him moments from sever danger. Today I was sitting at the computer chair and he was in my lap. In what seemed like a millisecond he stood up and went over my shoulder to the ground, head first. This was around 4:45. At 5:15 he threw up for the first time (ever). At 5:45 he threw up again. At 6 o'clock daddy got home and I left the big girl with him to take the boy to Kaiser pediatric urgent care. The good news, its just a "mild concussion"; the bad news there is really nothing I can do for him. I put some arnica on the huge nasty bump on his head and gave him a little rescue remedy; he is now sleeping. I have to wake him up in a little bit to make sure he will (wake up). I'm just glad to be home and that its nothing to severe.

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