Saturday, August 04, 2007

15 months

William is 15 months old today! Here is a picture of him at Nana's house playing with a purse and although he may kill me later in life for this picture I couldn't pass up the photo op. He is a wild,crazy, rambunctious little one who keeps us on our toes at all times! He is an imaginitive, playful guy who loves to do his own stunts and chase his big sister around. He loves climbing (mostly on things he shouldn't) and he loves his mom more than anyone. I can't believe he's already 15 months old!


veganmomma said...

Great photos, I am glad you got a new camera. I can't believe William is 15 months. Rowan is almost 5 months and the time is flying by. I keep saying to Chris, "I want him to stay this size forever." Chris wonders why and then I explain that if this is really my last baby then I am going to miss having one around!

erika_deanne said...

I so know what you mean sara, I am completely enjoying william's age right now, but when I just think about having an infant again it tuggs at my heart strings (Sam had a Vasectomy though) and I know that it is whats best for our family!