Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Uptate on Sam's Shoulder surgery

Surgery went well, it was long and hard on his body, but he is sleeping as we speak and seriously medicated, but neccissarily so! We arrived at Kaiser Zion yesterday at 8 am and got him checked in around 8 15. We entered into Pre-op around 9:15 and waited there for about 3 hours, as his Orthopedic surgeon was running about an hour behind! They took him away from me at around Noon and because the surgeon said that I could expect to be waiting for 3 to 3 and a half hours I left the hospital came home to check on the kids (which for the record were BOTH napping?!) made myself a sandwich and then drove back to the hospital. I arrived back at the hospital around 130, I signed into the surgical waiting room and waited....I tried to read, but couldn't focus, so I just waited. I talked to a few people, I met an amazing woman who had survived 2 types of cancer and was there supporting her friend! I talked to a man about the insane difference between girls and boys (as in little kids). Around 4:30 (4 and a half hours after I last saw Sam) I decided to check and he was still in surgery! I finally saw the surgeon around 6:00 PM and it turns out that the surgery was a little more invasive than we had planned and the surgeon needed to not only go in arthroscopically but also had to make a 3 inch incision in order to repair the bicep. I was told he'd be in recovery for about an hour and then I finally got to see him in Post op, he looked horrible and I'm sure he felt 10 times worse than he looked! Today has been a day of mostly sleep and a lot of medicine; he says he definitely wouldn't do it again! Keep us in your thoughts as the road will be slow and bumpy to recovery!


Jen said...

Oh gosh that does NOT sound enjoyable. I have been thinking of you and the kids...and of course Sam. I can help you out. Let me know what you need. I'll meet you at the park if you want the kids to run wild with mine... You are in my thoughts!!

chanale said...

How awful that to have to rid himself of chronic pain had to put himself through more immediate pain. My best wishes for a full recovery!

veganmomma said...

I hope Sam is doing better now. What an experience to go through, I hope it all was a success though. Keep us posted, and we hope to see you soon.