Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rough Day!

I feel like their are mom's out there that have it together with all of their children all of the time! The mom's that can predict trouble before it occurs, if you know what I'm talking about! I love those mom's, I envy those mom's, and I'm here to say I will never be one of those mom's and I am completely okay with that!Today has been rough, real rough! I feel like the kids get into things left and right the second I blink an eye, and even right in front of me! William is teething like crazy and therefore attached to the at night he is weaned, he normally wakes anywhere between 4 and 7 *this am it was7*and then nurses for 2 to 3 hours, to me the marathon morning nursing is worth it! our secret was me sleeping in another room! most nights William and Nathalie sleep with Daddy in our room; leaving me on the extra bed in Nathalie's room! Often times Nathalie will join me! Two nights a week (tonight being one of them) The kids and I sleep in my room *(usually causing William to nurse once in the middle of the night rather than not at all)! Anywhoo...I have found that night weaning just naturally worked itself into our house and for my sanity it was very much needed at this point in my and William's nursing relationship, I definetely give props to the mamas that night nurse as I have done it w/ him for the past 13 months, but I just.couldnt.anymore. His new nursing cue is adorable, well if you like to have a kid slapping your boob screaming "OOOO OOO OOOO" that is, lol! anyways its now 830 a half hour past when the kids are normally in bed and they are actually jumping on the bed behind me and Nathalie just informed be that "WEEEAMM is EAting a crayon" I guess thats my cue to play mom! I hate these nights, the ones where my husband isnt here to put them to bed for me! Time for stories!!!

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chanale said...

I can almost see you ripping your hair out. :o Tomorrow just has to be better!