Monday, April 16, 2007

Where did my babies go?

I'm going through this stage of bittersweetness mixed with Denial! my babies are getting big, too big too fast! My dd Nathalie, will be 3 in less than 1 month, my ds William will be 1 in less than 3 weeks....A preschool (aged, not in technical terms) daughter, and a toddler (both in age and technical terms) son! I am completely baffled! First, and foremost, I never in a million years imagined having a son, Girls run rampant in both mine and Sam's family history; and, considering that my 2 children have 2 older half-sisters from Sam that are 18 and 15.5 I really never thought he'd make a boy (lol), but he did low and behold William! Watching Nathalie interact with William lights up my life, she is such a good sister and loves him more than I could have ever imagined possible for a little girl! I love when she tells me what he wants; "mom william wants boob!" Or, if she's buying for me to spend alone time with her, "mom, William wants Dad", (or dantie, or nana or papa, or any other available adult)! The accomplishments both my children have made in the past 2 months amaze me!

Just an example, Nathalie singing her ABC's !


chanale said...

Such a smart girl!

erika_deanne said...

most of the!