Wednesday, April 04, 2007

11 months old

Dear William;

I can't believe that you are 11 months old today, and that in one short month you will be a year old! You now have 6 teeth and love to eat anything we let you get your hands on! Over the past couple of days you have begun walking! Its amazing and sad all in one, I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up! You still love to snuggle with both your Mama and Dada, and we cherish every minute of it as we know there will come a point when you wont want our hugs and kisses all the time! You have really begun to enjoy playing with your big sister Nathalie, and she loves to play with you too! Once in a while we have to watch you, because you tend to use her head as a handle, and pull her hair in order to stand up! William Richard, it amazes me how fast the past 11 months have flown by, you are our gift and we cherish you! love ya Mom!

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