Sunday, April 01, 2007

long weekend.overtired.

and yet here I am posting a blog? What am I thinking? who knows?! Yesterday I had to work all day, and came home to overtired kids and hubby! The minute I walked in the door I had kids attacking me and husband escaping to the computer for a few minutes of much needed alone time! See William is having a hard week, and putting him down hasn't been much of an option! So after the handoff Sam looked at me and said, I just need a few minutes (which I completely understand!) He reemerged from the bedroom and said Nathalie, want a bath? He got both kids into the bath at which point they both started whining for me, Nathalie began crying that she was scared (mind you this kid loves the bath) so I went in washed her up wrapped her up in her towel and held her (she never lets me hold her) uh oh I thought she's not feeling well! After about 30 minutes I said hey honey lets put on your jammies and your night time pull up! OK mama I'm tired (she never admits to being tired) off to bed she went without the slightest complaint! less than 5 minutes passed and she opens her door and says mommy i poopoed, it was the yuckiest thing I've ever seen like water out of her but! this was the begining of the night, this occured all night long, between her and nursing William I think I slept about 2 hours last night! This morning she seemed to be doing better, until I decided to go to the store to get her some probiotics, she threw up everywere in the store, instantly saying "i'm sorry mama" I told her everything was ok and that I understood she didnt feel well, we made our purchases and left! She only threw up one more time (thank goodness) and took a 2 hour nap, without me asking her to nap, she got up on my mom's couch and fell asleep on her own! So as for tonight, Sam is sleeping in Nathalie's room with her and I am in our room with William! Hopefully, it'll go better than last night, as I get to go to work again tomorrow morning!

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Jen said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!!! What a night! We've had those too... Hope you're taking care of yourself!!