Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I had a rough night last night, William thought it would be "fun" to stay awake from 11pm until almost 3 am! This afternoon I noticed 2 more teeth broke through the gums (between yesterday and today) and now he is offically WALKING!!!! Help me please, I have 2 wild kids!!! Today I kept myself extremely caffinated just to function! It was a very rough day, Nathalie was cranky and pressing my nerves William was clingy and I really just wanted to go lay in bed but of course that didn't happen! We went to my Mom and Dad's house (minus Sam b/c he was working) and by the end of the day I upset my Mom, I had two screaming kids and I was ready to rip my hair out! I have horrible knots in my neck and shoulders (I'm guessing stress related?) and I do have egg dying pics from today, but am much too lazy to post, but will do so later! We have a busy week this week as friends arrive tomorrow from out of town! Padre game tomorrow night for Nathalie and Mama! Sea World on Wed and the Wild Animal Park on Thursday, so if you don't hear anything from us this week thats why! Lets just hope I get some sleep tonight! Its 1130 and I'm hoping William is down until at least 3 or 4 maybe longer, wouldnt that be great!


Jen said...

walking? what happened? I think I missed something! Have fun this week!!

chanale said...

Wow, that's quite a milestone for Willem! I hope you have a great (and unstressful) week with your friends. :)

Jen said...

btw I like the new look! (of your blog)