Friday, March 02, 2007

beautiful day!

Today is such a beautiful day! Nathalie crawled into our bed shortly after midnight last night, and Sam said, "come on honey, lets go into your room". Nathalie said, "No, Dadda, you go in my room I'll stay here and sleep with Mama and William" and so it went! I love those times though, because Nathalie almost always sleeps in later when in bed next to her brother and I, and this was no exception, the three of us slept until about 8 am! Once we drug ourselves out of bed we ate some cereal, got dressed and walked up to java mama! We met a friend up their to go to their Little one's Yoga class. Both kids really benefited from the walk and Nathalie loved the Yoga class that she participated in today! It was amazing, it was only E and Nathalie, so just the 2 kids, I couldn't believe it! After yoga and a brief bit of playing, as it became overwhelmingly crowded, we walked over to my sister's salon for Nathalie to get a bang trim, and then made the walk back home. William took a nice nap in the stroller on the way back! So Nathalie enjoyed this time even more, because it was one on one time with mommy, even with brother an arms reach away! I am waiting to get my used WAHM mei tai in the mail, and can't wait, because I know if William would have been napping in that he wouldn't have woken up when we got home! It's now 2 o'clock and I have to work at 6 tonight so I have some time to clean up a bit around here, or just be lazy, I'm thinking that the latter sounds like a much better option!

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