Sunday, March 04, 2007

10 months old!

Dear William;
You are now 10 months old, and I cannot believe it! This month you have had many new developments. Your top 2 teeth broke through the gum yesterday, which means in a months time you should have 4 teeth showing! You now stand up without assistance, and take a few steps here and there; however, you prefer to crawl because its faster! You climb on everything, we have to watch you constantly! Your sister runs from you and says "mom the monster is coming!" lol. Your favorite game is peek-a-boo and you will pull any object you can find up over your face and then pull it down waiting for one of us to say "peek-a-boo" to you, and then you laugh and laugh! Its so hard for me to believe that in just 2 months you will be a year old! I love you dear son!
love your mom!

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