Sunday, February 25, 2007

new toy

what did we buy our kids now? right thats what your thinking I know it.... NO my friends its what we bought ourselves....A NEW COMPUTER...I am so excited I am so excited oh wait did I just say that twice sorry oops! Anyways, the most exciting part is that I AM FINALLY ABLE TO UPLOAD PICTURES AGAIN! So now my friends you will be inundated with pictures woo hoo I know your excited....and just to spice up this post here are some Pictures of Nathalie and William from todays trip to the zoo. Oh and a couple more things...The last picture is of Dylan (Nathalies buddy) and Nathalie....and I will go back and update old posts with pictures but not right now, as I must go cook dinner....(er I mean heat up already made dinner...details details).

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