Tuesday, March 27, 2007

kids say the darndest things....

Nathalie has reached an age (she'll be 3 in May) where she says the cutest appropriate and not so appropriate things. Over the past week a few of the things she's said that I thought I'd share with all of you follow in this post!

1) one day last week I was frustrated because I had both hands full and was talking to Sam on the phone, so I said in a somewhat frustrated tone (although it wasn't directed at him) "i've really gotta go now bye" and Nathalie's response, "mama is daddy being a jerk?" um no where did she get that from uh oh?!

2) Today she was flushing the toilet after going pee (as she still does not poop on the toilet :( ) and she said "bye bye pee pee, tell your mama hi" I asked "what Nathalie" she replied, "the pee pee is going home to see its mama" oh I see of course it is!

3) William was fussing and she said "mom William wants boob" gee kid thanks for pointing out the obvious, I replied " I know that William wants milk honey", she said "mom I cant like boob milk, I just like the milk thats in the fridge" okay that makes since, she continued and said "mom dad doesnt like boob milk either." Indeed I have a pretty smart kid lol!

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