Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over

Finally....I love it I do, but it is a rush that I am glad we are finally coming down from! I hosted Christmas eve this year! My mom, dad and sis arrived early in the day to watch the CHARGER game and help me with preparation (kept the kids busy for me while I prepared and that definitely counts for something!) I made Salmon, and Chicken (because my sister and uncle do not eat fish the crazy humans) Green Beans, smashed potatos. My Grandma brought a cesear salad and a spinach salad; and my sister made a delicious pumpkin cheesecake for desert! It was only my Dad's side of the family as my mom's side does not live in CA, and none of my husbands family does either! But it was an awesome night! My dad is the only boy with 3 sisters! and then he had 2 daughters! (so you can imagine the joy he finds in William being a BOY)! My Aunt Joyce plays the guitar and sings, we discovered that Nathalie does too! She was incredible (both my aunt and my daughter) I may ask my aunt to give her some lessons once she turns 3?! My Dad, my Aunt Susie and my grandpa helped play Santa Clause long after the kids were in bed by assisting me in assemling Nathalie's Kitchen good thing b/c it took us over an hour can you imagine if I had attempted to do that alone Ha! Christmas morning Nathalie was so excited by the presents (this is the first year she's really understood what was going on).....we stayed at our house until about 10 (Sam had to go to work) and the kids and I headed up to Nana and Papa's (my parents house)....Nathalie wasn't feeling too well, but she still enjoyed Christmas which was great!

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Jen said...

I host Christmas Eve every year!! Sounds like you all had fun!