Saturday, December 02, 2006

10 years of Time

inspired by this weeks theme at mama says om!

Time runs away from me so quickly....Just yesterday I was in High School: carefree with hopes; dreams; & aspirations....My ten year reunion is coming up in May or June....and where am I today? Am I anywhere I thought I'd be 10 years later? Well lets see my Senior year I was 100% sure that I wanted to be a High School English Teacher; that I wanted to Leave California and start a family after I was ready? Truthfully is anyone ever ready...mind you this was my 17 year old brain thinking.....Time Flies..... At 18 I began working in a good neighbor pharmacy called Casa Drugs to help support myself through college... I was attending grossmont and cuyamaca community college... I progressed quickly received my AA in English after 2 years and transfered to San Diego State; where in my last semester I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist rather than a teacher; so I crammed 21 units into one semester (while working two jobs) I began working for Rite Aid this semester in the pharmacy, due to the flexibility of their hours being much greater than the smaller good neighbor pharmcay and graduated after a total of 3.5 yrs of college with my BA in English Literature...I began shortly after that taking prerequisites for pharmacy school, Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, and the dreaded Math.... I dated a lot in college, but nothing felt right, like it was it. I moved out on my own I lived in a studio apartment in Banker's hill that was furnished and that I payed Way to much to live in, it was walking distance from the Rite Aid in Hillcrest that I was working at. After working for Rite aid just about 7 or 8 months I met a man, the man. Sam who is now my husband, he was (still is) an assistant manager for Rite Aid, and I found him to be handsome, sincere, kind....all the things every little girl has dreamed of finding in a man he was. I felt butterflies in my stomach everytime I saw him, I had only experienced that one other time, it was amazing... He was persistent and I finally commited to a date; i was his hook line and sinker. We were married a year and a half after we started dating and Nathalie wasborn 4 months later ( yes if you can do the math she wasn't exactly um planned) however we were already engaged so to me it was god's way of blessing us with our daughter and the timing was insignifficant! She has been an incredible blessing and when William was added to our family this past May our blessings doubled.... So time has flown by these past 10 years; and I am a teacher, not of high school English, but to my children each and everyday. I have a wonderful family and to me that is allthat I need in my life!

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