Thursday, December 14, 2006

annnual meme

Okay, so I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing as I only started in May! One blog I find myself reading everytime I get on the computer is Elaine's! Well today when I read her blog it showed me the following post mini review, and I began on my journey to find out who came up with this brilliant idea! So I clicked on The silent K, from which Elaine found out; and proceeded on and on and on. I ended here frogblog, just incase anyone wondered?! Well so here's my mini mini review, since as I previously mentioned I've only been doing this since May Ok?!

William joined our family 4 weeks ago and made us a complete unit.

today was a great day, I actually got to go see nikki to get my hair done, and William cooperated :)....

O my if Nathalie wasn't Nathalie I think I would just die.

Hi everyone, I've been soo busy this week, I worked m-th, so finding time to do anything has been limited, with that to my defense I wanted to tell the story of Nathalie's new shoes, and because I'm lazy, I simply cut and pasted an IM conversation I had with my friend Lauren, sorry its not more personal....

I know its been forever.and yes we are still alive.

Dear Son
Today you are 5 months old, and I can hardly believe it.

thank goodness for my small miracle (aka William)...We (Nathalie, William and I ) Went up to Morro bay to visit my friend Kersti, her daughter Hayli and their newest addition "baby Emma" (as Nathalie refers to her).

I'm Special
Hah! I mean you all already knew that right!

so thats that!!!! Next year I promise you 12 full months! I just want to add that I am eternally grateful that both of my children are sleeping right now which allowed me the time to post this!

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Elaine said...

How hot are you that you back-tracked it! I was wondering who got this party started.

Looking forward to all 12 next year!