Saturday, November 11, 2006

yes my daughter is a girl (duh)

well you see Nathalie is quite a rough girl, she likes to climb, play in dirt, kick balls (of the soccer sort you dirty minded folks you!) she's a bit tomboyish if you will. on the other hand she loves to dance, sing, go to gymnastics, where skirts/dresses/ has a new found obsession with TIGHTS and SHOES (lord help me) and aparently now mom's make-up (which by the way mom hardly ever wears)....this morning she came out of the bathroom with eye shadow on (her cheeks) and mascarea (on her face.noteyes. and arm) My camera was missing but I promise you all it was a beautiful moment! I love my daughter to pieces and I feel like sometimes, okay maybe a lot of times lately my nerves have been very tried by her, but she is worth every pressing moment, I can't believe she's 2 and a half (yesterday) the time has gone so incredibly fast, my little baby is becoming a big girl. okay now im sad.goodbye.

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