Friday, November 24, 2006


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Today was an inside day, mommy was feeling very lazy ( af came to visit for the first time since William's birth :P), Nathalie was running a bit of a fever and William was much on the cranky side, hopefully due to teeth coming in?! I was going to spend the day cleaning and it didn't happen...about the only productive thing I accomplished was polishing Nathalies finger and toenails and that was because she begged so nicely!

Scars on the outside are often visible, easy to see; its the scars on the inside that noone sees and unless one reveals them others may not know they exist. There are several scars on the inside of me, and I am afraid to share some of them; most of them infact, but I know that as I build courage to tell the stories of the scars inside of me I will become stronger and help them to heal in the process. However now doesnt seem the time nor the place for that.

Inside of me I fight a constant battle with myself to stay strong for the sake of my children,
to set a good example for them to show them the good that really does still exist in this world. inside of me I repress anger, insecurites, and burdens in order to stay strong for my family. Often I confide in my husband as he is my best friend, although at times I feel that he (as a man) expects that I have overcome much of the emotinal struggles that I have dealt with for as long as I can remember!

I suspect that everyone is complicated on the inside, with lists of internal scars that would take up thousands of pages. So remember what you see as perfection in someone from the outside may only shadow what is lurking on the inside!

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